Moving On

Hello World!

This will be my last post on this blog. I am moving on.

I hope you will come with me as I journey to the world of self-hosted blogs where the designs are better and there’s more customization 🙂

My new blog (with the same content) is here: Woman With Passion

Follow my new blog: Woman With Passion

Follow my new blog: Woman With Passion

All posts will be made there moving forward. Please subscribe to be notified of new posts.

Have a great evening 🙂




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I might be jobless, but I’ll never be bored.

Two weeks ago I was at a job interview for a position I am really interested in. After I explained my ‘position elimination‘ to the interviewer,  she asked me what I was doing with my time now that I wasn’t working. The main thing up until December 21st was of course “looking for a job”.  Between December 21st and January 1st I enjoyed Christmas festivities, organizing my home, and planning a NYE party.  I’ve had just one solid day of my non-vacation jobless reality and my answer has already changed. Here is the breakdown of my Wednesday and how I know I will stay busy until I find “The One”.

Don't get caught up being lazy or bored.

Don’t get caught up being lazy or bored.

Wednesday January 2, 2013:

First I threw in a load of laundry. Then I confirmed my third interview with said company above. I spent about 3 hours researching my interviewees, the company’s current strategy and foothold, their competitors strategy and foothold, brainstormed ideas to make improvements, and came up with the questions I want to ask.

Then I had to take our puppy to the vet because he’s developed a little bump on his eyelid. It clearly bothers us more than it bothers him, but I did what any puppy-parent would do. He’ll be fine don’t worry 🙂

When I returned home at 12:15pm, I did some research on Chuppahs. I have an idea of what I want ours to look like and what I want it to mean to us. I am thinking of a DIY Chuppah and through the amazing interwebs found a woman who will be a great resource to me. I had emailed her on 12/23 and today, she got back to me. Additionally, I could not find affordable embroidery services for this Chuppah, but I did find a sewing class so unless I get a job starting next Monday, I will also be learning how to sew!

I transfered all of my clothes from one bureau to a new one and downsized significantly. That felt really good. Unless I get a job starting Monday, I think I will do the same with my closet next week.

Gizmo learned a new amazing trick on Tuesday and was dying to show it off so I brought him to visit with our next door neighbor. You can take a sneak peak here. This was one we’d been trying to teach him for weeks. Dave’s persistence really paid off. When we arrive at Intermediate Puppy Training in three weeks, Gizmo will likely be the star of the show!

Other less time consuming things included speaking to my Career Coach;  receiving a call from the Manager of the Guess store on Newbury Street (You’ll have to read this to understand);  eating dinner with my Fiance; and writing three blog posts.

Ask anyone who knows me. I stay busy.

Whether I have a job or am working on getting a job, I can assure you I’ll never be bored, lazy, or unproductive.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings 🙂

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Wedding Planning: Memorial Charms

I’ve read a few blogs and heard stories of couples who’ve found ways to commemorate loved ones who have passed and cannot attend the wedding. I liked the idea but decided to take it to another level.

Rather than have a simple table with frames and a candle at the reception (which is a beautiful sentiment), I am going to hang mini picture frames to my bouquet with photos of those who passed and were closest to me and to Dave. When the Ceremony is over, the charms will transfer onto a tree (our version of a ‘Tree of Life’) at the Reception. In this way it will feel like those who can’t be there in person will enjoy the entire wedding in spirit.

I found the most amazing charms on ETSY. Smiling Blue Dog delivered the most perfect little frames to me and I can’t wait to begin collecting photos to make them complete.

Bouquet Charms by Smiling Blue Dog on ETSY

The tree for the reception – well I was searching for that since I got this idea almost a year ago.  Walking down Newbury Street one night, I found it. The only problem was it belonged to Guess and was on display in their window. I dragged Dave in the store and proceeded to find the manager. I asked him what happens to the display trees once the window is undressed. He wasn’t sure but he listened as I explained my desire to obtain one of those awesome trees. He took my phone number down and Dave was sure I wouldn’t hear from him. So we continued looking for the perfect tree.

Side note – I am looking for a job and am answering all phone calls, especially calls from unknown numbers. So when my phone rang last night at the dinner table, I gave Dave the ‘I’m sorry, I have to take this, it might be work-related’ look and answered it. It was Richard from Guess on Newbury Street. He got permission to give me one of the trees and wanted to know which size I wanted… Small, Medium, or Large. I said Medium and thanked him profusely. I am going to get it right now!

This is one piece of the wedding that I am really looking forward to.

More to come 🙂

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Wedding Planning: The Chuppah

Neither Dave nor I are super religious, but we are happy with how we were raised and wish to incorporate tradition and meaningful elements into our wedding ceremony.

One item I recently decided to pursue is “The Chuppah”. Based on the ehow description, the Chuppah is made of a rectangular [or square] piece of fabric, large enough to stretch over the couple. It can be made of any kind of cloth. It can be handmade or bought ready made. It can be decorated as desired by the couple and is often embroidered with Biblical verses concerning  love and marriage, or with blessings and prayers taken from the wedding  ceremony.

The Chuppah symbolizes the home that the couple will build together.

While Dave and I are already living in a home that we purchased together, the Chuppah will symbolize the life that we will build together.

It will have our vows embroidered on it. It will contain meaningful words and symbols that represent who we are and what we will be together. The colors, patterns, and fabric will be selected so we can hang it in our home.

I don’t know the first thing about sewing, but I do like numbers and can use Photoshop. I came up with the layout below to use as a guide when searching for symbols and words to represent our lives coming together.

Chuppah Layout (54 inches)

Chuppah Layout (54 inches)

Judaism is a religion that emphasizes the importance of life. Jews are encouraged to be good, ethical people and enjoy the time they are given on Earth. A common Jewish toast is “l’chaim!,” which means, “to life!.” It is said at celebrations in anticipation of all the good things to come.

Because it means “life,” the Chai is consequently a symbol that captures an important aspect of Judaism. According to the gematria, which is a mystical tradition that assigns a numerological value to Hebrew letters, the letters Het (ח) and Yud (י) add up to the number 18. The Het has a value of 8 and the yud has a value of 10. As a result, 18 is a popular number that represents good luck. At weddings, bar mitzvahs and other events Jews often give gifts of money in multiples of 18, symbolically giving the recipient the gift of “life” or luck.

Why is this important? The dimensions of the Chuppah I am designing are 54″ x 54″. This is a multiple of 18. So there you go.

There are 3″ flaps along the border a large square in the center surrounded by 7″ squares. I love the number 7. Some say it’s God’s number. I’m not saying that per se, but there are 7 notes in a music scale, 7 wonders of the world, 7 days in a glorious week,  7 items or numbers are the typical capacity of what’s called the brain’s working memory (aka why it’s so easy to remember phone numbers), and the maximum number of games played in a playoff series in the NHL, MLB, and NBA is 7. These are just examples of how I see the number 7. You can wiki this magical number for symbolism that speaks to you.

Dave’s favorite number is 12 and 12/12 is also my birthday. Therefore, you will see several 12″ squares evenly spaced around the outer edge of the Chuppah. Combined with the center, they also make up a hashtag symbol or number sign. This is relevant due to my love for numbers and social media. #Awesome.

After I designed the outline for this Chuppah, I did some research. What’s the typical size, what methods or techniques do people use when making Chuppahs, etc. I discovered a photo of one that I liked. To my surprise it was created by a woman in Newton – not more than 20 minutes from where I live. Of all 30 examples on this particular webpage – this was one of two from Massachusetts. I googled her name and found her work email address. I took a shot in the dark and just this morning received a response. #Amazing.

Then I started thinking – I have 9 months, maybe I can make this thing myself. So I found HipStitch (also in Newton) and signed up for a class next week. #Unbelievable.

More to come as the Chuppah unfolds 🙂 #Ipromise.






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I call it “The Hunt”

Career Hunting

What I look for in a job

By any other name you can call it a search, a mission, or a job in itself. I am simply calling it “The Hunt”. The skillful tracking and acquisition of an elusive target – in most cases this would be a living thing. For me, a new job isn’t just a new source of livelihood. It is my daily excitement, goals and results to drive success and accomplishment; new teammates, leaders, and culture. It is new knowledge, growth and advancement. My work is never just a job. I recognize that at least 75% of my productive waking hours are spent at work and it is a requirement for me to love my work in order to be happy in life. In a job I am completely dedicated to the mission and to get things done. This is truly how I feel and if you talk to any of my co-workers (peers or supervisors) I am confident they will confirm this.

I love my current job and truthfully, I wouldn’t have chosen to leave if things were different. As things in life grow and change – a recent restructuring with my current employer has caused my position to be eliminated. Many people facing elimination might feel sad, angry, unmotivated, or scared. Lucky for me, I am a forever optimist and I actually feel refreshed, excited, and ready for what is to come. I am loving the research of different companies and postions, the anticipation of emails and callbacks, the opportunity to interview and be interviewed, meeting new people, and learning about the different industries in and around Boston.

When I first found out I was facing unemployment, a very wise friend suggested I look at this situation from an interesting perspective. He said, “Don’t see this as something that’s happening to you, but rather, something that’s happening for you.” This has been my viewpoint and comforts me when I start to get nervous.

I have been strategic about “The Hunt” since day one. The first thing I did was start a Google Doc containing three sheets.

Cool Sites: This is a list of job boards and recruitment companies that cater to creative and marketing jobs where I would ideally like to be.

Cool Companies: The more time I spend on Linked In, the longer this list gets. I document the Company, Location, specific job post I am interested in, and the status or steps remaining in my application process. I am documenting the Hiring Manager where I have it – or my contacts who have access to the Hiring Manager. I have decided to focus on 10 jobs at a time, as it becomes tricky to learn about multiple companies at the same time. Those 10 companies move to the top of the list.

Resources: These are links to information, articles, videos – content that I’ve curated to remind me what I am looking for, what I need to do, or how I can be better and more diligent in my searching.

In addition to the constantly growing Google Doc, I updated my resume, created a website to house my experience and portfolio pieces, and updated My Linked In Profile. I also have access to a wonderful career coach through Transition Solutions, am networking online and via events around town, and seeking informational interviews with various people in aspiring positions.

I am very fortunate to my current employer and co-workers who are showing so much support and encouragement. I am looking forward to the next set of challenges and the chance to impress a new set of colleagues. I am not just searching for work, I am on the hunt for a job I will love today and for years to come.

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More Than One Life To Live

So much wiser, so much stronger,
So much emotion to go harder and longer.
And I continue to set forth, seek, and conquer.
My life has changed for a good much greater
and I knew it would happen sooner or later.
Hard work pays off and karma comes around,
Loving the little things makes life profound.
Looking at pictures of memories past
and I’m feeling real positive that my life’s gonna last.

Not as in an ending, but stay in a positive state.
negativity lies in the hole right next to hate.
Each new day is like a clean fresh slate.
And I’m not gonna wait
to see what might come,
I’m gonna go get it like it’s never been done.
Why not me? I deliver results.
If you try me, you’ll see, I’m like nobody else.
Work or play, I live life fast
and I’m feeling real positive that my life’s gonna last.

Not as in an ending but as in continuously forever
a little bit of me spread in multiples together
whether it was a thought or a laugh,
or the gifts of what I attract,
I left a mark in this world and it started from a Mass.
If I died tomorrow there’d be no way to ask,
for a better life to have lived at last.

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Quack Quack…

It’s time to get my ducks in a row.

How can I tell people I am a marketer, live online, and not have my own website? I have lots of experience and not much online to show for it. This is very unfortunate. I could say I have been so dedicated to doing my jobs for other people, that I have not allocated time to focus on representing myself.

It’s time to change that.

There are so many choices… Which platform is the best? What is the best way to represent yourself and present your portfolio? Will people even care to look at this stuff?

I have been asking myself these questions for quite some time. Well the time has come for me to organize my online and visual life.  

It’s time to focus…..

My mission for the next month – is to do one thing every day for me – for my personal professional growth!

Today – I started an online portfolio site. 

It is going to lay the foundation for the organization of my own site which is currently in the works.

Here it is:

More to come….. 



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It was only a matter of time…. Visual Resumes for all!

Another day, another amazing discovery on good ol’ Facebook. This one truly made me smile. For all the things I cannot yet do via Photoshop (or other creative means), there is an end.

Vizualize Me: It syncs with Linked In to create a visually appealing resume. Once it’s done, you can edit the content, colors, and layout. Pretty slick.

The resume will never be the same.

Here is mine:
Rochelle's Visual Resume

Make your own:

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Industry Question: Are Music Downloads Hurting or Supporting Artist?

The question was …

It is incredibly effective for labels to work with blogs and provide the public with an exclusive first listen to new tracks off of upcoming albums. As a consumer, what exactly are you looking for when searching for and receiving this content? Where do you draw the line on what supports the artist and what could be hurting the artist when music downloads are made available to the public?

My thoughts are…

I agree that it is effective, or rather CAN BE effective for Labels, as well as Artists and DJ’s to work directly with blogs and bloggers to share new content and create a world-wide awareness digitally with a grassroots method. I have been learning through experience just how effective certain blog posts can be. I always check certain blogs for news, information, gossip, and other visual or audio content. With the growth of microblogging this information spreads like wildfire and can certainly be a beautiful thing. The news and information I read can be re-posted or used for my own knowledge. The visual content (music videos, webisodes, vlogs, commercials, etc) are never more than viewed and maybe shared, but music, well this is another story.

As a music fan and regular consumer, I personally prefer an audio stream. With all of the virus issues I have been through in my life, the last thing I want to do is download something that puts me at risk for losing everything on my hard drive. Also, with all of the music I own and run through my computer and both ipods, I choose not to download any music that I don’t truly want in my collection. As a music fan, regular consumer, and good-hearted person, I listen to the audio stream and if I like it, I buy it. I enjoy supporting the Writers, Producers, Performers, Engineers, Labels, and Designers who make physical and digital products available. I choose to support the Artists and I choose to encourage others to do the same. Alternatively, if the Artist or Label offers some type of promotional EP, Pre-Album, Mixtape, or other safe (legal) download, I will gladly take that. I understand that not all music fans are consumers and not all bloggers are true music fans so in my GM position for a Record Label, I have to view this situation from another angle.

I understand that this wonderful, constantly advancing digital age is making all types of content extremely accessible and where some are benefiting, others are in a scary downward spiral where they, I mean we, are backed into a corner scatterbrained thinking, ‘Is it possible, and if so, how do we possibly stop people from stealing our emotionally charged, life changing product’? I understand fully that once songs are made available to the public, someone somewhere is going to share it with their friends, family, and strangers through email, blogs, and other digital vehicles. I also know there is only so much you can do and so much time in a day to be spent on removing usershare, mediafire, megaupload, and kissmyassfreedownload sites that will remove your content due to copyright infringement, but refuse to hold themselves accountable because the content was posted by them… they only host it. The potential, possible, but unlikely solution to this problem will be discussed on another day, because right now, my issue isn’t with the advance in technology or the industry. My problem is the greedy bloggers who abuse their position and lack the understanding that a little thoughtfulness goes a long way. If certain bloggers were true music fans who cared about their credibility, they would open their eyes to the big picture and actually support Artists and stop hurting them.

Let me paint a picture for you. A well known blog posts an image of an Artist’s forthcoming single (obtained by the Record Label), an audio stream of the Artist’s first official single (that is tracked for plays and commented on), and paragraph of information about the song, as well as links to where the Artist can be contacted. Sounds like a great effort that any Artist or Label would appreciate, right? Well now let me refer to the actual blog and give you reality. I see an edited image of the Artist’s forthcoming album cover, probably taken from the internet and modified; a poorly written paragraph with incorrect information; an audio stream (this is actually good); and yes, a download link to the forthcoming single that by the way, when posted was not yet available to the public for sale or otherwise. My first thought was how did they get the song (I knew it wasn’t sent from the Artist, Label, or Publicist) and what are they doing giving it away for free?

So I did what any diligent person in my position with a strong opinion would do. I wrote to them and requested that that they remove the download link. They could drive traffic to iTunes when the song was available and I would gladly drive traffic to their site. Instead of editing their content and being grateful that I requested without a Cease and Desist, they shamed me and said I was ruining the Artist’s career AND then on the blogsite claimed the Artist’s “people don’t want him to succeed either as they are asking for this to be taken down. When will labels, etc realize that once a song is “out” there is no turning back. And all that they accomplish when they threaten for things to be removed is that they lose (free) promotion.”

Damn right I asked for the download link to be removed. I also went to and had the DL link removed. If the blogger was going to put the streaming audio link anyway, why did they need to have the download link posted as well? Isn’t it the best thing you could do for the Artist to provide an audio sample, a visual, and some written content to generate additional interest and maybe get the Artist new fans or feedback on the record? Isn’t it more effective to create a positive, long-standing relationship with an Artist or Label to receive exclusives in the future so your posts are legit and early? Whether the music is or isn’t available for sale, if you are giving away someone else’s product for free, you are WRONG. You are hurting and ruining an Artists career. You are limiting the Artist’s success.

When will (certain) music blogger’s realize without other people’s news, content, and artistry- they would have NOTHING to write about, no fanbase, and no legs to stand on. When will (certain) music bloggers realize that by giving away music for free without permission or instruction from the Artist/Label, they are a huge part of the problem facing the music industry?

Please do not think that ALL bloggers are wrong, greedy, self-righteous douchebags. There are plenty of genuine fans, advocates, and writers who want nothing more than to share their passion with others and promote good music. There are lots of wonderful bloggers who offer and provide assistance to me, to the Label, and to the Artists daily and for these fans and proliferators, I am extremely grateful. However, the few recent negative experiences just refresh my memory that you should not trust everything you see, hear, and read online. For this, I am also grateful. Just because a well-known site is offering a free download, does not mean you should download it. Please support music and all of the people that make music possible.

Just to clarify… the music on the blog site was not yet ‘available’ and the link is still live with an image and the streaming audio link, so no ‘free promotion’ was actually lost. Duh.

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Who knew…

Who knew it could be so good?
Who knew it would be how it should?
Who knew I’d ever be found?
Who knew I’d ever hear the sound?

I wrote you down in temporary pencil, followed by a pen.
I dreamt of you and hoped for you, my lover and my friend.
I’ve got books from my heart, about my wants and my needs,
Not written by someone else, but from what my soul bleeds.
I’ve been up and down and all around,
But now finally I feel free and found.

I’ve been happy believing love would come my way.
I’ve been grateful for my life and all that comes each day.
But to hear it and feel it is different from the desire.
Real love from your words and actions are what’s lifting me even higher.

The comfort, protection, the satisfaction of being treasured
Is overwhelming joy, excitement, and can’t possibly be measured.
My better half, to have, to share my tears and my laughs,
You’re by my side and inside inspire my crafts,
You give me that look where no words are needed
And it’s the affirmation of what plant has been seeded.
Something has grown and it wasn’t smooth sailing,
But time, patience, and forgiveness have proven this unveiling…

The love I feel leads me to share my body openly and free with thought
Full trust with each other to always see what’s not sought
United we stand exuding passion for pleasure
I always wanted a partner to enjoy even the worst of weather,
to trouble the storm and bask in the sun,
to someday maybe give the world our Daughter or Son.
To grow and learn and change the world,
For me to finally evolve to a woman from a girl.

I didn’t know then but I learned how intense lust takes place,
So I spoke to the Universe and the emptiness that once was is now replaced by your face.
When I think of love, I feel your hand in mine
and the thought in my mind leaves me more than satisfied.
When I’m with you everything stops but time.
Before I know it, the smile has arrived and my true self is revived.
I didn’t know when, but I believed it would come.
I just didn’t know I’d be lucky enough to truly fall in love.


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