I might be jobless, but I’ll never be bored.

Two weeks ago I was at a job interview for a position I am really interested in. After I explained my ‘position elimination‘ to the interviewer,  she asked me what I was doing with my time now that I wasn’t working. The main thing up until December 21st was of course “looking for a job”.  Between December 21st and January 1st I enjoyed Christmas festivities, organizing my home, and planning a NYE party.  I’ve had just one solid day of my non-vacation jobless reality and my answer has already changed. Here is the breakdown of my Wednesday and how I know I will stay busy until I find “The One”.

Don't get caught up being lazy or bored.

Don’t get caught up being lazy or bored.

Wednesday January 2, 2013:

First I threw in a load of laundry. Then I confirmed my third interview with said company above. I spent about 3 hours researching my interviewees, the company’s current strategy and foothold, their competitors strategy and foothold, brainstormed ideas to make improvements, and came up with the questions I want to ask.

Then I had to take our puppy to the vet because he’s developed a little bump on his eyelid. It clearly bothers us more than it bothers him, but I did what any puppy-parent would do. He’ll be fine don’t worry 🙂

When I returned home at 12:15pm, I did some research on Chuppahs. I have an idea of what I want ours to look like and what I want it to mean to us. I am thinking of a DIY Chuppah and through the amazing interwebs found a woman who will be a great resource to me. I had emailed her on 12/23 and today, she got back to me. Additionally, I could not find affordable embroidery services for this Chuppah, but I did find a sewing class so unless I get a job starting next Monday, I will also be learning how to sew!

I transfered all of my clothes from one bureau to a new one and downsized significantly. That felt really good. Unless I get a job starting Monday, I think I will do the same with my closet next week.

Gizmo learned a new amazing trick on Tuesday and was dying to show it off so I brought him to visit with our next door neighbor. You can take a sneak peak here. This was one we’d been trying to teach him for weeks. Dave’s persistence really paid off. When we arrive at Intermediate Puppy Training in three weeks, Gizmo will likely be the star of the show!

Other less time consuming things included speaking to my Career Coach;  receiving a call from the Manager of the Guess store on Newbury Street (You’ll have to read this to understand);  eating dinner with my Fiance; and writing three blog posts.

Ask anyone who knows me. I stay busy.

Whether I have a job or am working on getting a job, I can assure you I’ll never be bored, lazy, or unproductive.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings 🙂


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