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More Than One Life To Live

So much wiser, so much stronger,
So much emotion to go harder and longer.
And I continue to set forth, seek, and conquer.
My life has changed for a good much greater
and I knew it would happen sooner or later.
Hard work pays off and karma comes around,
Loving the little things makes life profound.
Looking at pictures of memories past
and I’m feeling real positive that my life’s gonna last.

Not as in an ending, but stay in a positive state.
negativity lies in the hole right next to hate.
Each new day is like a clean fresh slate.
And I’m not gonna wait
to see what might come,
I’m gonna go get it like it’s never been done.
Why not me? I deliver results.
If you try me, you’ll see, I’m like nobody else.
Work or play, I live life fast
and I’m feeling real positive that my life’s gonna last.

Not as in an ending but as in continuously forever
a little bit of me spread in multiples together
whether it was a thought or a laugh,
or the gifts of what I attract,
I left a mark in this world and it started from a Mass.
If I died tomorrow there’d be no way to ask,
for a better life to have lived at last.

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Who knew…

Who knew it could be so good?
Who knew it would be how it should?
Who knew I’d ever be found?
Who knew I’d ever hear the sound?

I wrote you down in temporary pencil, followed by a pen.
I dreamt of you and hoped for you, my lover and my friend.
I’ve got books from my heart, about my wants and my needs,
Not written by someone else, but from what my soul bleeds.
I’ve been up and down and all around,
But now finally I feel free and found.

I’ve been happy believing love would come my way.
I’ve been grateful for my life and all that comes each day.
But to hear it and feel it is different from the desire.
Real love from your words and actions are what’s lifting me even higher.

The comfort, protection, the satisfaction of being treasured
Is overwhelming joy, excitement, and can’t possibly be measured.
My better half, to have, to share my tears and my laughs,
You’re by my side and inside inspire my crafts,
You give me that look where no words are needed
And it’s the affirmation of what plant has been seeded.
Something has grown and it wasn’t smooth sailing,
But time, patience, and forgiveness have proven this unveiling…

The love I feel leads me to share my body openly and free with thought
Full trust with each other to always see what’s not sought
United we stand exuding passion for pleasure
I always wanted a partner to enjoy even the worst of weather,
to trouble the storm and bask in the sun,
to someday maybe give the world our Daughter or Son.
To grow and learn and change the world,
For me to finally evolve to a woman from a girl.

I didn’t know then but I learned how intense lust takes place,
So I spoke to the Universe and the emptiness that once was is now replaced by your face.
When I think of love, I feel your hand in mine
and the thought in my mind leaves me more than satisfied.
When I’m with you everything stops but time.
Before I know it, the smile has arrived and my true self is revived.
I didn’t know when, but I believed it would come.
I just didn’t know I’d be lucky enough to truly fall in love.


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How’s Life?

How’s Life?
It’s nice to feel free, in body and mind,
to have a strong spirit that never subsides,
to surround oneself with positive vibes,
to move through existence past what just barely survives,
to take what comes as grains and with strides,
and to share a smile and enhance others’ lives.

How’s Life?
It’s nice to feel loved, respected, and admired,
to see and be seen, to need and be desired,
to live with passion and consistently inspired,
to work so hard and to push through being tired,
to overcome trouble without needing to be re-wired,
and to take action from lessons learned and acquired.

How’s Life?
It’s nice to grow and evolve every day,
to learn and teach to do as you say,
to release your feelings and from goals don’t sway,
to have the strength to know when to go or stay,
to accept and embrace or depart areas in shades of gray,
and to make ambitious decisions if the pros and cons aweigh.

How’s Life?
It’s better than nice, it’s simply the best…
After all if you don’t chase it, you choose death,
You get what you give based on what you express,
what you say, the way you act, how you react to it’s tests.
Word hard, play hard, eat well, and rest,
Be strong, have faith, and accept that with life you’re blessed.

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