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Who knew…

Who knew it could be so good?
Who knew it would be how it should?
Who knew I’d ever be found?
Who knew I’d ever hear the sound?

I wrote you down in temporary pencil, followed by a pen.
I dreamt of you and hoped for you, my lover and my friend.
I’ve got books from my heart, about my wants and my needs,
Not written by someone else, but from what my soul bleeds.
I’ve been up and down and all around,
But now finally I feel free and found.

I’ve been happy believing love would come my way.
I’ve been grateful for my life and all that comes each day.
But to hear it and feel it is different from the desire.
Real love from your words and actions are what’s lifting me even higher.

The comfort, protection, the satisfaction of being treasured
Is overwhelming joy, excitement, and can’t possibly be measured.
My better half, to have, to share my tears and my laughs,
You’re by my side and inside inspire my crafts,
You give me that look where no words are needed
And it’s the affirmation of what plant has been seeded.
Something has grown and it wasn’t smooth sailing,
But time, patience, and forgiveness have proven this unveiling…

The love I feel leads me to share my body openly and free with thought
Full trust with each other to always see what’s not sought
United we stand exuding passion for pleasure
I always wanted a partner to enjoy even the worst of weather,
to trouble the storm and bask in the sun,
to someday maybe give the world our Daughter or Son.
To grow and learn and change the world,
For me to finally evolve to a woman from a girl.

I didn’t know then but I learned how intense lust takes place,
So I spoke to the Universe and the emptiness that once was is now replaced by your face.
When I think of love, I feel your hand in mine
and the thought in my mind leaves me more than satisfied.
When I’m with you everything stops but time.
Before I know it, the smile has arrived and my true self is revived.
I didn’t know when, but I believed it would come.
I just didn’t know I’d be lucky enough to truly fall in love.



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Mission 1: Introduction

I don’t know what my ultimate purpose in life is and I am not sure there is an ultimate purpose for any of us. I know that I have seen tons of articles and exercises designed to help us discover what our purpose might be (See below). I could do what I have always done and brainstorm on my own… I can figure out what I am good at, what makes me happy, and how I can make the most of my own life and then navigate blindly towards multiple goals and hope for the best. Or maybe I will do one of these 20 minute exercises and see what I can deduct… They say if you want new things, you have to do new things to get them, right? In any case, all I know for sure is that I can’t survive without passion and without purpose.

I dedicate this blog to myself, my peers, and to anyone who enjoys results and success. I believe that we have nothing but opportunity to lead amazing, successful, happy lives. Sometimes our opportunities are hidden by an obstacle, or a struggle, but still, the opportunity is there and it is up to us to work around whatever blocks the opportunity to reach the accomplishment that makes us stronger, wiser, better people. Success takes hard work and how proud could we really be if everything were easy? Some say that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. I think that’s true and believe I am very lucky. I don’t win the lottery or on scratch tickets, but I am blessed and fortunate to be who I am and where I am, and I never take this for granted.

For the second time in my 27 years of existence, I was starting to feel stuck. Not unhappy, just that I was at a standstill, missing something, a vision, a purpose, a mission. The first time I felt stuck I was 23, fresh out of college, with my first shattered heart, and looking back, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was the last person to realize that the guy who was receiving my love, dedication, and loyalty was sharing it far and wide. He was a charismatic, ambitious artist that I promoted and managed. He had given me purpose and goals; introduced me to a world of culture, music, and art that I didn’t know existed. I was so attracted to him that I developed selective vision. As we neared a falling out, I couldn’t help but feel that the reward for all of my hard work was a broken heart, broken dreams, and ultimately, an emptiness that forced me to look at my life and ask myself what I really wanted. On the flip side, I had experienced being in love (even if for the wrong reasons), I had a resume, and was given a chance to start over. The curses I was feeling at the time were the gift that has driven me for the past 4 years and I couldn’t be happier.

I finished school with a degree I didn’t want or know what to do with, but I put the past behind me, moved out of the country with $1000, got a job in London and backpacked Europe as a strong, intelligent, independent woman before coming home with almost $3000. Happy graduation to me. I discovered, not only can I survive, but I will so passionately and with a mission to infect others with my positive outlook and luckily, I always land on top. Some of my friends say I’m nauseating, and in a weird way I like it.

I finished gallivanting and moved home. It took me a while to get on my feet, I mean, I love my family, but after being so independent, living with my Mom was a difficult reality. My new mission started in January 2006 and I am happy to report that I have met all of my goals and it is time to create a new mission. I have a job that I love because it allows me to be creative, teach a team of interns, listen to music all day, and the opportunity for growth into whatever I want. I have worked for the same company for the last three years and that consistency and growth has been great for me. I have a new car that I LOVE to drive, my own apartment with furniture that’s paid off. I have great friends that love me as I am but still inspire and challenge me to be the best I can be. I am succeeding at all I set out to do, so I am going to set bigger, more advanced goals, and I have great excitement to see and experience more rewarding results.

This blog is not meant to offer divine discovery to anyone but myself. I am writing to create and document my hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly missions. Partly because I want to document my amazing life, and partly because I find that I stick to my goals better when I write them down and read them as a reminder for why I am doing what I’m doing. I don’t really need the convincing, but I am simply happier with a mission, with a purpose, and with so many goals and plans, it can be hard to prioritize. I am a believer that although we are all individuals, because I am experiencing something or feeling a certain way, other people are too.

I am not saying my ways are righteous or even ‘right’ and certainly, I don’t claim to be an expert, I’m just a Woman With A Mission…



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